Susan Holtgrefe, Enrolled Agent

Owner of Year Round Mobile Tax Service, LLC
Audits • IRS Letters • Collections • Non-Filing Issues
“The Enrolled Agent is the most expansive license IRS grants a tax professional”

As an Enrolled Agent I have the privilege to work as a tax specialist year round to help clients not only prepare their tax returns but to deal with their IRS issues.

It is my personal goal to prepare accurate tax returns that ensure that my clients only pay what is legally required and not a penny more. To do this takes more than professional level tax preparation software but dedication to year round education.

My practice is limited so I can spend the time to understand your tax situation. I specialize in individual tax issues including those that are unique to clients who are new to the United States. As a Certified Acceptance Agent I have the ability to certify passports for filers and their family when applying for an Individual Tax Identification Number.

Outside of tax season I teach basic tax preparation for VITA volunteers and lead Enrolled Agent review classes for tax professional who are preparing to sit for the IRS Special Enrollment Exam. It is important to me to not only teach tax law to other tax professionals but to make sure that my clients understand their tax returns.

Are you new to the United States? If so, you are subject to special rules and filing requirements for the first year you arrive in the U.S. and the year you depart the U.S. As a Dual Status taxpayer you may have choices available to you that can significantly reduce your exposure to US taxation and protect your VISA eligibility. Your martial status, arrival/departure date, non-U.S. income, location of dependents, and even if there is a tax treaty between the U.S. and your home country has to be considered. These tax returns are unique and there is no self-prepare software available. Contact me for this specialized service.