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All returns are unique but we include in our base prices many services that other preparers charge extra for!
Dare to compare- use the chart below to estimate your cost.
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$75.00 Basic Individual Tax Service– includes Federal 1040 or 1040NR-EZ, PA State Form and Local Tax Forms and Income from any of these sources: Wages, Clergy, Military, Tips, Interest, Dividends, Alimony, Pensions, Unemployment Compensation, Gambling, Social Security Benefits, PA Property Rebate. Plus any 2 of the following forms: Tuition and Fees 8917, Dependent Care 2441, Education Credits 8863, Retirement Savers Credit 8880, Schedule H, educator adjustment, Premium Tax Credit Form 8962.

If only PA State and Property Tax are needed – $39.00

PA Property Tax Only $19.00

$95.00 Intermediate Individual Tax Service – All income as stated plus EIC, simple IRA distributions with additional computations (RMD and penalty), Schedule A, Residential Energy Credit 5695, Schedule D, Healthcare credits- HCTC, HRA’s, HSA’s, and any 2 of the forms above. Election to treat spouse as Resident Alien. Non-PA tax return. Multiple local return issues.

$125.00 Advanced Individual Tax Service – Includes all of the above and more complex issues with Capital Gains Form 8949 (capital fain data entry fee may apply), Excess or Early withdrawal IRA Distributions, Foreign Tax Credit Form 1116, Complex Cancellation of Debt 1099-A or 1099-C , or 1040NR. Multi-State Tax Returns.

$149.00 ITIN and First Time Filing Service– Complete service for clients who have recently arrived in the US. Includes all W-7’s applications (CAA services included to avoid mailing of passport), comparison of elections, 1040 and 1040NR tax returns, Foreign Income and Foreign Tax Credits, plus service will continue until all ITIN’s are issued. Discount available for unmarried filers who do not need ITIN services. Complex tax issues beyond wage earned income may be an additional fee.

Additional States/local $20 and up

Starting at $169 Basic Business or Rental– Includes all the above plus Schedule C or Schedule E, or Farm Income.

FULL SERVICE BUSINESS OR RENTAL – starting at $50.00 per month for new or existing businesses.  Includes all Federal, State, Local taxes prepared plus all estimated taxes for Federal, State & Local. Help with bookkeeping, starting up a business and ongoing support.

Starting at $75.00 Amended and Prior Year Returns – Multiple years may be discounted.

Complex Business, LLC’s – Call for information

Note: some returns may require an additional research fee.

Other Services offered….
IRS Representation

Tax Planning & Strategies

Bookkeeping help will be an additional charge


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