Who We Are

ErieTaxPrep.com is a joint marketing venture of Year-Round Mobile Tax Service, LLC and Burnside Bookkeeping Services, LLC.
We will match our expertise to your needs!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help individual taxpayers understand their tax return so they can make good financial decisions for the future, as well as provide friendly, reliable, current tax information and services.

Individual Tax Preparation

Here are five great reasons to choose ErieTaxPrep.com for your personal taxes:

  1. Our mission is to prepare accurate tax returns allowing our clients to achieve their Maximum Refund Benefit (MRB).
  2. Our experience and Enrolled Agent (EA) status means yes, we can do your tax return, even if you currently have issues with the IRS.
  3. We work with our clients to minimize future tax consequences and we will be here to provide support through any issues with the IRS.
  4. We are committed to community tax outreach programs like the VITA program to ensure everyone has access to quality tax preparation assistance.
  5. While you may not have the same enthusiasm that we do for taxes, you will appreciate having us on your side.

Prior Year Tax Returns

Do you have any year that you did not file taxes?

The IRS can come back to you for additional taxes, penalties, and interest for any year you did not file a tax return. If you would have had a refund coming back to you, you can only claim that refund for the prior three tax years. Let Susan or Tracy help you get all your tax filings up-to-date.

IRS Issues

Issues with the IRS are time sensitive and unnerving!

It is important that you respond quickly, document everything, and understand your rights. Let Susan or Tracy help you with IRS notices, letters, audits, and collections.

Whether your issue is large or small, calling us will give you peace of mind that your situation is in good hands and is being addressed promptly.


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